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Do you want to have a dustless floor construction environment?

Do you want to have a dustless floor construction environment?

You have a piece of concrete that needs grinding and polishing. A large amount of concrete dust will be produced when you use the grinder to grind and polish. If you do not take some action, the existence of a large amount of dust will cause harm and pollution to the safety and health of the human body, the use of equipment and the environment.

1. It is harmful to the physical and mental health of the construction workers.

If the construction is covered with dust, I believe the construction staff will not be happy. If the construction workers inhale dust for a long time in the process of production, coupled with the high intensity of work, it is easy to lead to cardiovascular, respiratory diseases and other diseases.

2, the service life of the equipment is shortened.

Dust is not only harmful to the human body, but also harmful to some machines, electrical, electronic and other equipment, there is too much dust in the air, in addition to the external dust of the equipment, but also deposited in the interior of the equipment, damage to the equipment, so that its service life is shortened.

3. Environmental safety issues: dust explosion.

Dust and other substances have a certain energy, a large number of combustible dust and air mixed, can form a combustible gas mixture, if you encounter open fire or high-temperature objects, it is very easy to catch fire, resulting in dust explosion. Therefore, it is necessary to control the dust concentration in the air and take effective dust reduction measures.

4. Pollution to the environment.

A large amount of dust produced in grinding and polishing will pollute the atmosphere, cause pollution to the environment, and make the environment worse and worse, so it is necessary to reduce dust pollution for the environment.

Therefore, in the process of grinding and polishing the concrete floor, some actions must be taken to reduce the damage caused by dust.

1. Be equipped with protective equipment.

When you grind polished concrete floors, you can be equipped with protective equipment to prevent inhalation of dust, such as N95 masks. Wearing it can greatly reduce the amount of dust inhaled by the human body.

2.Wet grinding instead of dry grinding.

If the construction equipment and technology permit, wet grinding can be adopted to reduce the production of dust. But the wet mill will produce a lot of waste water, and a water suction machine such  may be needed to treat the waste water and mud. 

3. the use of vacuum cleaners.

If dry grinding is necessary, you can choose a grinder with its own vacuum cleaner, such as concrete dustless grinders, which will not produce dust in the grinding process and greatly reduce the dust content in the air. Of course, if the grinder you use does not have a vacuum, it can be connected to an external vacuum cleaner, such as industrial vacuum cleaners, which can be connected to a variety of grinding and polishing equipment.

I believe that with the development of science and technology, the improvement of people's living standards, the progress of floor machinery and equipment and the improvement of construction technology, people will pay more and more attention to the improvement of floor construction environment and achieve dust-free and healthy construction.



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