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How to choose dry grinding and water grinding?

In the construction process of the floor grinder, there are two grinding methods: dry grinding and water grinding, so what are the differences between these two grinding methods, and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

First. Dry grinding.


1. the work efficiency should be higher, and the dry grinding does not need to sprinkle and collect water in every process, which is more convenient and time-saving.

2. The grinding effect is better, and the dry grinding equipment is generally a large concrete ground grinder with large weight and good cutting force.

3. The ability of visual identification is strong, and dry grinding is more conducive to the observation of ground grinding, so as to avoid lapping errors without knowing it.

4. The construction quality is high, the dry ground is more delicate, and the glossiness will be better.


1. Dry grinding makes the ground shallower and more prone to scratches.

2. Dry grinding produces a large amount of dust, which is harmful to human health, so it is necessary to be equipped with industrial vacuum cleaners or a grinding and suction grinding machine to achieve dustless grinding.

Second, water grinding.


1. There is a wide range of abrasives to be used in water grinding.

2. The water mill grinds the ground deeper and is less likely to scratch and dust.


1. The water mill can not meet all the different floors, for example, the ground with serious sand and dust can not be used.

2. The water mill is not environmentally friendly, and the waste water produced during grinding is more difficult to treat. if it is discharged directly into the sewer, it will cause blockage of the drainage system.

3. The safety factor of the operator is low. If the ground grinder leaks electricity or there is something wrong with the wire, the water is easy to conduct electricity, which poses a greater threat to the lives of the workers.

4. The ground grinding during water grinding is not easy to observe.

5. During water grinding, the concrete curing agent products are immersed in water for a long time, which will have some influence on its application effect.

The above is the difference between dry grinding and water grinding. In the construction of floor grinder, these two grinding methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the most appropriate grinding method should be selected according to the ground conditions, construction site, environment and other factors.



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