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How to identify the construction quality of epoxy floor

The epoxy floor is widely used in all fields of production and life. After the completion of the construction, the epoxy floor has to carry out strict quality acceptance, but many people are unable to identify its quality due to lack of professional knowledge. Let's take a look at how to judge the quality of epoxy floor construction.

How to identify the construction quality of epoxy floor

1.look at the surface condition of the floor. 

Epoxy floor is a kind of floor with smooth surface, beautiful appearance and excellent decoration effect, so when checking and accepting the epoxy floor project, it is necessary to see clearly whether the floor surface is smooth, bright and can reach the mirror effect, and can not contain sundries such as particles.

2. look at the hardness of the floor.

In order to make the ground have enough wear resistance, many customers will require the floor surface to have a certain hardness. In order to meet the industrial requirements, we generally require the hardness of the epoxy floor to be greater than 2H. But the hardness of self-leveling solidified fillers which is easy to sink is not too high, so it is better to choose fillers that are not easy to sink.

3.look at the fullness of the floor surface. 

Fullness is to see whether the reflectivity of the ground can reach 95% and whether it is full enough. This indicator has not been taken seriously in the past, but with the progress of society and the gradual improvement of people's requirements, this index has gradually become a basic technical requirement. Generally speaking, those with reflectivity less than 85% are unqualified. It often has a specific impact on the engineering quality of epoxy floor.

Through the above three points, we can roughly distinguish the quality of epoxy floor construction. I suggest you choose experienced professional floor construction units to cooperate. They are proficient in the construction technology of epoxy floor, and they can solve all kinds of problems encountered in floor construction, so that the quality of floor is more guaranteed.



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