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On the importance of permeable floor to urban construction

In the construction of cities, many cities use cement, asphalt, concrete and other closed surfaces to replace the original soil surfaces; for sidewalks, open-air parking lots, courtyards and squares and other public places, also like to use neat and beautiful stone slabs or cement colored bricks. Closed surface not only improves traffic and road conditions and beautifies the environment, but also has a significant adverse impact on urban ecology and climate environment.

Stagnant water on urban roads

The closed surface and high-rise buildings make the surface of the modern city gradually covered by water-blocking materials, and the water is difficult to seep, and the precipitation quickly becomes the surface runoff, entering the river or underground drainage pipes, forming an ecological "man-made desert".

The impervious road lacks the ability to adjust the temperature and humidity of the urban surface. Rain Water evaporates quickly, the surface is easy to dry, and the dust pollution is heavy; and the water evaporates quickly after rain, and the air humidity is high, which makes people feel muggy and unbearable, and then unusually dry. Produce the urban "heat island effect" in meteorology.

Impervious roads prevent groundwater recharge path, coupled with excessive extraction of urban groundwater, resulting in lower and lower urban groundwater level, leading to land subsidence, coastal areas will also lead to seawater backflow, resulting in a geological "funnel" groundwater level.

The hardened impervious ground makes it difficult for the surface plants used to regulate the microclimate in the city to grow, and some trees even die and lodge due to lack of water in their roots, thus losing their ecological function. Surface runoff has a serious impact on the quality of urban surface water. Due to the existence of a large amount of dust and various pollutants on the urban surface, although the runoff formation process washed the surface, but also quickly brought these pollutants into the urban river.

Whenever attacked, serious stagnant water will occur in various cities, resulting in traffic jams, power outages and flooding of houses is an indisputable fact. Experts pointed out that the main reason for this situation is that China's urban roads are impervious.

Permeable floor

The appearance of permeable floor can improve these adverse effects. Permeable floor is also known as ecological permeable floor, permeable concrete, sand-free concrete, etc., is the use of aggregate macadam, cement, additives, cement, water and so on after uniform mixing, spread into a road surface. It has higher strength and durability than traditional concrete, can meet the requirements of structural physical and mechanical properties, use function and service life, and can coordinate with the natural environment, reduce the load on the earth and ecological environment, realize the recyclable use of non-renewable resources, and have good use function, which can build a mild, comfortable and convenient living environment for human beings. Permeable floor can make Rain Water quickly infiltrate into the surface, effectively replenish groundwater, alleviate the urban heat island effect, and protect the urban natural water system from destruction, which has a strong value of environmental protection. At the same time, it solves the problem of stagnant water on ordinary road surface, improves the safety and comfort of walking, and is of great significance to improve the living environment. The permeable ground can also permeate the "earth atmosphere", making the ground warm in winter and cool in summer, permeable in rainy season and snow in winter, which can increase the comfort of living in the city. In addition, due to many pores in the permeable surface and large surface area, it has a strong adsorption to dust, which can reduce dust pollution and noise.

Some developed countries began to research and develop permeable pavement materials in the 1970s, and applied them to courtyards, sidewalks, bicycle paths, public squares, open parking lots, roads in parks, both sides of roads and central isolation zones, etc., which increased the water permeability and air permeability space of the city, and achieved good results in regulating urban microclimate and maintaining ecological balance.

As a concrete with reduced environmental load, permeable floor is a creative material for improving and restoring the damaged earth environment, which enables human life to live in harmony with nature and develop sustainably. In the future urban road construction, permeable floor is bound to occupy a very important position.



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