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Six reasons for choosing the solidified floor

In recent years, more and more construction units give up epoxy floor and choose concrete solidified floor. Why? Let's take a look at the advantages of concrete solidified floors.

1. Sturdy and wear-resistant, durable.

Whether in factories, warehouses or parking lots and other occasions, the requirements for the ground are strong and wear-resistant and durable. However, the general epoxy floor is prone to peeling after it has been used for a period of time. The sealing curing agent can change the chemical composition of the concrete surface, improve the anti-ultraviolet and weathering resistance of the concrete floor, and prolong its service life.

2. Safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless.

Green environmental protection is a concept that we have always advocated. The general epoxy floor contains volatile harmful substances, which cause harm to the human body and the environment. The sealing curing agent floor is the inorganic material reacts with concrete to provide the strength of concrete, so it is a safe and environmentally friendly product.

3. The strength and hardness increased significantly.

In the floor industry, the hardness of the floor is judged by Morse hardness, and the hardness of the epoxy floor is about 5, while the sealing curing agent can increase the strength of the ordinary C25 concrete floor to 8, and its hardness is obviously higher than that of the epoxy floor. it can withstand the entry and exit of large mechanical vehicles.

4. The construction is simple, efficient and convenient.

The construction technology of epoxy floor is more complex, it needs to go through many processes, and the environmental requirements of construction are relatively high. After the completion of the construction, it has to be maintained for more than 7 days before it can be officially put into use, and the construction period is longer. The construction technology of solidified floor is relatively simple, and there is no need for maintenance at the end of construction, and it can even be used while construction to meet the needs of construction units in an all-round way.

5.Good weather resistance and no need for maintenance.

Epoxy floor has high requirements for temperature, humidity, light and floor cleanliness. Poor weather resistance, easy to change color and difficult to repair, can not be used outdoors. On the other hand, the solidified floor has almost no requirements for the use environment, and there is almost no need for maintenance in the later stage.

6. Random choice of color.

You may think that the cured floor is not as beautiful as the epoxy floor, but in fact, the cured floor can be dyed and the colored floor formed with floor dye is the development trend of concrete floor. It solves the malpractice that the concrete sealing curing agent floor has no color for a long time. Improve the beauty and fashion of the floor. At the same time, it retains all kinds of advantages of concrete sealing curing agent floor.

It has to be said that there are a lot of concrete solidified floors, especially the price of epoxy materials has risen sharply this year, and the market share of solidified floors must have increased again. There are tens of thousands of kinds of floor, and the one that is suitable is the best.



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