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Why terrazzo floor is marginalized?

The terrazzo floors we saw in the 1980s and 1990s all appeared in rural government offices, school areas, etc., recalling the memories of playing in these places when we were young. In memory, the terrazzo floor with red and white stones on the ground is rough and easy to age. Of course, terrazzo is not only used in schools, but also workshops, hospitals, office buildings, hotels can see terrazzo everywhere, terrazzo has a wide range of applications. The performance characteristics of terrazzo floor may not be enough to become an advantage now, but it was still loved by people at that time.

Why are terrazzo floors marginalized

In the appearance and shape, the terrazzo looks primitive, natural, neat and full of design sense. Through the design of different shapes and patterns, we can also have a higher degree of completion.In terms of performance, the early use can also meet the requirements, but in the later stage of use, it is easy to weathering and become rough, accompanied by pebbles falling off. This makes people need to consider more carefully when choosing.

So why on earth was the terrazzo floor once marginalized? A large part of the reason is the emergence of new technologies to replace traditional technologies.

In the field of industrial use, materials such as epoxy have emerged first, and then concrete floors such as solidified floors have emerged to replace the deteriorating epoxy market.

The most outstanding advantages of solidified floor are wear resistance, wheel rolling resistance, forklift resistance, high surface hardness and outstanding weathering resistance. After the emergence of mature dyeing technology, the application is more extensive.

In the commercial field, polished concrete is used like a fish in water, and there are decorative floors such as retro floors.

These floors can be well met according to the different needs of the construction units. It is for this reason that the living space of the traditional terrazzo floor is constantly squeezed and finally marginalized. However, with the development of the times, the technology and materials related to terrazzo floor are also developing, and terrazzo floor has a gradually popular trend in recent years.

Each kind of floor has its own advantages, and each kind of floor is glowing and glowing in the floor industry.



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