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How to build the epoxy floor?

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   Epoxy floor is a kind of high-strength, wear-resistant and beautiful floor, which has the advantages of no joint, solid texture, good drug resistance, anticorrosion, dustproof, convenient maintenance, low maintenance cost and so on. Epoxy floor, also known as epoxy floor, is an epoxy floor paint mixed with epoxy resin as main material, curing agent, diluent, solvent, dispersant, defoamer and some fillers, combined with specific floor construction technology. a kind of floor made by on-site ground decoration.
Epoxy floor process: plain treatment-primer construction-epoxy mortar repair leveling layer-epoxy putty layer-surface paint layer construction-glazing layer construction.
Plain ground treatment.
   1. Dig out the soil in the expansion joint and clean it up.
   2. Fill the expansion joint with material.
   3. After the ground is completely dry, polish the ground clean and finish the treatment of the plain land.
   a. Use concrete floor grinder
 to gently polish the ground. Its main function is to grind the fine particles on the ground to enlarge the surface pores and facilitate the adsorption of epoxy resin.

   b. To increase the construction thickness of the epoxy floor, the main function is pressure resistance and wear resistance, so as to prolong the service life.
Construction of primer layer.
   1. Keep clean before construction. If there are attached sundries, remove sundries in time.
   2. Mix the main agent and curing agent in the right proportion.
   3. The viscosity should be adjusted according to the condition of the ground.
   4. It takes less than 4 hours to complete the project with mixed materials.
   5. The hardening time of primer is more than 8 hours.
   a. In the construction process of epoxy primer, according to different foundation conditions, appropriate amount of quartz powder is added to seal the surface pores when the resin is adsorbed.
   b. According to different surface hardness and pore diameter, the effect after construction is different. When the resin is absorbed quickly, the quartz powder left on the surface is loose and not solidified, and the color is white. When the resin is absorbed slowly, the quartz powder and the resin are cured.
Repair of leveling layer with epoxy mortar.
   1. Prepare necessary tools and maintenance supplies.
   2. Determine the repair area.
   3. Remove the dust and oil on the surface of the concrete base in the repair area, and remove the loose part.
   4. Clean up the rust and debris on the bare steel surface in the repair area.
   5. The concrete base in the repair area will be cleaned, chiseled or treated with concrete interface treatment agent.
   6. Clean the repaired place and concrete base surface with air pump or water. There is no clear water in the next process.
   a. After weighing the two components proportionally, put them into a clean spare bucket and stir well. Add an appropriate amount of water to adjust the mixing, add mortar mixing and can be used. When the mixed additives are used up during the use period, it is necessary to construct waterborne epoxy mortar as soon as possible.
   b. Clean up the dust and debris at the old interface in advance and use a waterborne epoxy thinner (waterborne epoxy resin: waterborne epoxy curing agent: water = 1-1. 3-3-5). Brush the old interface first, and then build cement mortar.
Epoxy putty layer (two channels).
   1. Mix the main agent and curing agent according to the correct proportion, and stir thoroughly.
   2. Add appropriate amount of quartz powder after mixing.
   3. Use a batch knife to spread the material evenly.
   4. It takes less than 30 minutes to complete the construction of the mixed material.
   5. The hardening time of epoxy putty layer is more than 8 hours.
   a. The main function of the epoxy putty layer is to increase the thickness of the floor, make it more pressure-resistant, wear-resistant and prolong the service time.
   b. The cured epoxy putty layer has a hard and smooth surface and a certain luster.
   c. After the epoxy putty layer is completely cured, the surface layer must be constructed immediately to ensure the overall effect and quality. If the interval time is too long, it is easy to cause non-adhesion and delamination between topcoat and batch soil.
Construction of surface paint layer (two channels).
   1. Keep clean before construction. If sundries adhere, remove them.
   2. The main agent should be stirred evenly before use.
   3. Mix the main agent and curing agent according to the correct proportion, and mix thoroughly.
   4. Spread the material evenly with a roller.
   5. Complete the construction of mixed materials within 30 minutes.
   6. do a good job of handover at the construction junction.
   7. After the completion of the construction, people can not be hired until 24 hours later, and the heavy pressure can only be carried out 72 hours later, subject to 25 ℃. The opening time at low temperature needs to be appropriately extended according to the situation.
The main function of epoxy finish is to match colors and make the floor beautiful and smooth. At the same time, the thickness of the floor is increased, which makes it more resistant to pressure and wear, and the service time is prolonged.
Roll-coated wear-resistant varnish-finish.
   Roll a wear-resistant varnish to improve the gloss of the epoxy floor, enhance the hardness of the paint film, and prolong the service life of the epoxy floor.  



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