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Concrete epoxy dustless concrete grinder RS300B

Features & advantages
1.Equipped with industrial vacuum cleaner, ensure dust-free during working.
2.Easy to change the chassis and universal for many diamond grinding pads and sand tra.
3Smart mechanical design suitable for many constructions.
4.Self-adjustable floating cover prevents dust from enter into the working area.
5.Foldable and height adjustable handle design suitable for different operators.
6.Strict quality inspection before delivery.


Concrete epoxy dustless floor grinder RS300B

   RS300B dustless concrete grinder motors, vacuuming motors, bearings and other core accessories are imported from Japan. RS300B dustless concrete grinder strictly implements international standards in the processing and assembly factory, so that the performance, experience and use effect of the products are up to the level of imported products.

   RS300B dustless floor grinder is suitable for the restoration of new ground smoothness, surface texturing, and the removal of old floors such as thin-coated epoxy, glue and paint. Grinding and leveling of epoxy mortar layer. The chassis can be changed freely, the operation is simple and portable, and the universal tool fixing device is suitable for all kinds of diamond demons, grinding pieces and sand plates, etc.

The dust-free construction effect can be achieved with the self-contained vacuum cleaner, which avoids the tedious and manual work of the external vacuum cleaner. The self-adjustable height of the equipment always ensures that the abrasive tool works in the horizontal state.

   High-efficiency and energy-saving power system, compact, excellent manufacturing technology can freely change the chassis, consumables can be freely configured (diamond, grinding wheel) can be installed diamond grinding head is mainly used for cement grinding, can paste sand polishing, also equipped with vacuum motor, in the construction process will not raise dust operation is simple, portable, is a good choice for epoxy construction.


    Removal of paint, epoxy, glue and other coating from concrete.

    Grinding the concrete surfaces.

    Floor surface preparation and renovations.

    Leveling and roughening concrete surfaces for epoxy coating.


Motor Power:                                    5HP(3.7kw)

Vacuum Power:                                1.3HP(1kw)

Voltage:                                              110V/220V/240V/380V

Frequency:                                        50/60HZ

Warranty:                                          1 Year

After-sales Service Provided:   Free spare parts, Video technical support, Online support

Applicable Industries:                     Construction works 

Condition:                                         New

Automatic Grade:                             Semi-Automatic

Place of Origin:                                   Shanghai, China

Brand Name:                                     Ruiru floor systems

Unique selling point:                      Dust-free during grinding work, smart mechanical design, efficient

Rotating Speed:                                970RPM

Working Width:                                 300mm

Type:                                                  Walking behind

Packaging Dimension(L*W*H):   1100*410*980mm

Packaging Weight:                            120KG

Packaging method:                           Wooden box

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