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Diamond concrete floor grinding pad

Key features and advantages
1.The quality is guaranteed by the combination of superior diamond and extremely durable matrix.
2.Good result on most types of concrete from soft to very hard.
3.The good output and performance match perfectly.
4.Removes stock quickly and save your labor.
5.Different grift sizes available.
6.Fast speed, less chipping, best grinding and polishing results.



The grinding pads are widely use in concrete, marble or terrazzo floor surface preparation, removing the floor coatings, grinding and leveling the uneven floor.


Place of Origin:                                   Shanghai, China

Brand Name:                                     Ruiru floor systems

Model:                                                PCD/FAN/CUPWHEEL

Pad Material:                                     Diamond

Outer Diameter:                 3''4''5''7''10''

Usage:                                                Concerete Marble Terrazzo Prep Grinding

Grit:                                                          16#20#30#50#80#120#165#300#


RUIRU’s diamond concrete floor grinding pad is a great tool choice for both soft and hard concrete polishing application. RUIRU’s range of metal bond concrete floor grinding diamond pads are the result of innovative development and a commitment to providing the best possible options for the professional grinding contractor for different situation and application. From the removal of the rough coatings through to high gloss premium polishing.