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High quality concrete floor grinder RS700

Features & advantages
1.Gear drive 12 grinding heads, more powerful and efficient.
2.High configuration motor & inverter more reliable.
3.Innovative replaceable bear seat ensures long durability.
4.High precision bearings, more reliable, less noise.
5.Self-adjustable floating cover prevents dust from enter into the working area.
6.Equipped with vacuum cleaner interface, recommended dust extractor RS200X.
7.32L water tank for wet grinding.
8.Equipped with LED light for night working.
9.Foldable and height adjustable handle design suitable for different operators.
10.Strict quality inspection before delivery.


High quality concrete floor grinder RS700

    RS700 concrete floor grinder adopts European and American design style on the basis of simplicity, delicacy and practical principle, combined with Asian figure and height to develop a folding adjustment handle, in line with ergonomics, easy to move, easy to operate, safe and reliable. The machine gearbox adopts the production technology of automobile gearbox, high-end aluminum alloy die-casting and high-precision CNC processing, and a replaceable bearing super wear-resistant steel sleeve is added in the easy wear part of the box transmission, which is easy to maintain. because the upper, middle and lower layers are fixed to make the gear occlusal more precise, it is not easy to jump teeth in the floor construction.

    The gears of the RS700 concrete floor grinder are all ground with high precision, and the noise is extremely low during operation, which can effectively reduce noise pollution and achieve comfortable operation.

    In addition, the EU standard aluminum shell copper core high efficiency motor is adopted, the weight of the machine with the same power is light, the load is small, and the cutting force is more sufficient. It is a good machine that is as light as a swallow and as powerful as an ox.


    Removal of paint, epoxy, glue and other coating from concrete.

    Wet / dry grinding and smoothing the concrete surfaces.

    Grinding concrete floor high spots.

    Floor surface preparation and renovations.

    Floor finish polishing.

    Places requiring surface treatment.


Motor Power:                                   15HP(11kw)

Inverter Power:                                20HP(15kw)

Voltage:                                             220V/240V/380V/440V

Frequency:                                       50/60HZ

Warranty:                                          1 Year

After-sales Service Provided:      Free spare parts, Video technical support, Online support

Applicable Industries:                     Construction works 

Condition:                                         New

Automatic Grade:                             Semi-Automatic

Place of Origin:                                   Shanghai, China

Brand Name:                                     Ruiru floor systems

Unique selling point:                  Gear drive 12 discs grinding, wet/dry grinding / polishing,high operating efficiency, replaceable bearing seat, long durability

Rotating Speed:                                0~1800RPM

Working Width:                                 700mm

Type:                                                  Walking behind

Packaging Dimension(L*W*H):      1140*740*1250mm

Packaging Weight:                            350KG

Packaging method:                           Wooden box

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